About Us

From our early days as a builder to today’s advanced technologies in construction, you’ll experience the AC Home difference.

As a global integrated construction company, we have a proven ability to deliver end-to-end property and construction solutions across a broad range of sectors from single family homes, condominiums, shopping centers, hotels to high rise towers and resources infrastructure, ensuring fully integrated whole of lifecycle outcomes, on every project. We are committed to creating structures that endure the test of time, combining the latest sustainable design and construction techniques. We have an enviable track record of completing projects on time, on budget and to the highest quality and design criteria.

American Citihome Group Inc. (“AC HOME”) was established in Texas in 2006. Headquartered in Houston and with a sub branch in Florida, the company has an extensive history of successful development and acquisition of properties including office, retail, residential, and land. AC HOME has professionals in all facets of the development process in-house -- including design and construction, project management, land planning and zoning, legal, accounting, property management, leasing, and project finance. AC HOME has developed some of the most highly recognized and successful projects in the entire metropolitan region.

At AC HOME, the focus has always been on land and its uses: analyzing it, acquiring it and knowing what and when to build. Today, a map of Texas reveals what this focus has produced. For over 12 years, the company has been a leader in the areas of single family, condominiums, as well as commercial development. AC HOME has taken a leadership role on many prominent real estate projects in Texas. Throughout its history, the company has developed numerous projects for residential and commercial.

The future potential of AC HOME is evidenced by its pipeline for future development, which will allow us to continue to pursue a wide range of development opportunities throughout the region for years to come. AC HOME owns over thousands acres of land at various locations in 7 States. This land is in various stages of planning, zoning and development and ultimately could yield over 143,560,000 square feet of residential/commercial use.

AC HOME is led by Andrew Kottlowski, Founder and Chairman, Kenneth Bello, Vice President and Senior Director of Construction, Shawn Schoellmann who is very proud of the projects which have been completed under his supervision.

AC Home entered the Chinese market in 2014 and has been operating as www.waiguofang.com ever since. It has achieved great success in China in terms of market occupancy and sales.

From our earliest roots, we’re builders. Talk to us today, and you’ll experience not only those core values but also a company that’s continuously evolving and changing the building industry status quo.